A journey through laws. Selected works of Bruno Nascimbene (edited by pupils)

Author: Bruno Nascimbene
Publisher name and place of publication: GIUFFRE’, Milano
Issue date: 2016
Number of pages and price: 811, € 95

The volume “A journey through laws. Selected works” traces Bruno Nascimbene's academic/scientific career, highlighting the diversity of his interests and research areas.
The works were selected by his pupils and are structured by topic: alien law (an area in which his contributions enjoy international recognition for their methodological, scientific and conceptual importance), free movement of persons in the process of European integration and protection of fundamental rights, institutional law of the European Union, certain areas of European substantive law (in particular, competition law), as well as a number of aspects of Italian and European private international law.
The selected works provide a wide-ranging analysis and a fascinating insight into the chosen topics, which look at various aspects of international, European and national law.
The volume consists of four parts: I – Alien law in international and European law; II – Judicial protection, freedom of movement and fundamental rights in European law; III – Competition protection and European Union law; IV – Private and procedural international law in the European dimension. Many of the articles are written in English, French and German.

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